I must confess. This is an experiment that went absolutely right.

What happened was that I had a whole box of boiled kidney beans from an earlier recipes just sitting in my fridge. Since I am not too fond of having kidney beans by themselves and since food waste is sacrilege, I needed to find out a way of making use of these things.

Now kidney beans are rather large and monstrous looking things, gleaming and glinting, plump when boiled suggesting pillowy fleshiness inside. It has a deep, earthy flavor that many do not like yet would work beautifully in stews and broths as well as on the other end of the spectrum, with sugar or treacle.

I have heard of red bean paste which is made with black beans and this is when this idea struck me. Why not kidney beans? Hubster dearest loves buns and I’ve always had a thing for steamed buns. So there I was pulsing, mixing, grinding, steaming away and the rest was history.

I drew inspiration from Chinese red bean buns (Dou Sha Bao) which I have had some time back while travelling. It tasted remarkably similar and satiated the sweet cravings while filling you up with something healthy instead of all those cholesterol laden stuff bought at stores.

Making the red bean buns is super easy and super fun. And it’s difficult not to fall in love with it, despite the theory that good things don’t taste very good, the red bean paste is super healthy and tastes quite delicious!




Comfort food doesn’t have to come in a big, fat bowl, it can come in the form of a warm, sweet bun!

The outside is soft and fluffy and as you break into the buns, you can see the beautifully pocked and fluffy interior. The cloud-like texture gives into a thick gooey filling, setting your senses in fire with that intense earthy burst, with an irresistible sweetness coursing through. The deep, dark muskiness inside is a sharp contrast from the fluffy, pillowiness on the outside, laced with the sensuous warmth of the exotic vanilla engraving a trail of tropical sunlight upon your tongue. Sit down with a mug of warm green tea and you will thank your lucky stars that you were born.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but hey, healthy, awesome food don’t come every day! Got hungry nippers of your own? Make a batch of these and refrigerate. Weekly snacks sorted and you don’t have to feel guilty about feeding them unhealthy stuff ever!


Important tips

  • The bean that is usually used is cowpea. I substituted with kidney beans which pretty much tasted the same.
  • The resting time for the buns after they have been steamed is important because if you open the lid right after you turn off the stove, the buns tend to fall. And we don’t want deflated buns now do we.
  • Vanilla of course is optional. Some use it, some don’t. I used it and liked it. It was good.
  • Substitute sugar with something like treacle or maple syrup for a healthier treat.