If you ask me, the Green season is my absolute favorite season to be in the south by the sea. And the few days we spent at Sri Sharavi Beach Villas, one of the most outstanding Mirissa hotels I’ve been to, have been nothing short of magical.

The first thing you see out your room of this beautiful boutique hotel is the vast ocean, winking at you, stretching into eternity. The cool sea breeze caressing your skin as you dine by the sea or simply take a dip in (probably) the largest salt water pool in the island – ah bliss! The water is just the right temperature and invites you to simply, float about, without a care in the world.

Don’t forget the pool bar which will provide you the best cocktails, as you enjoy a view of the sea betyond!

The ambiance and the service

If I were to rate the ambiance out of 10, I would give it a 10/10. There isn’t a better ambiance really. Ideally located in a secluded spot of the beach, this beautiful boutique hotel in Mirissa features just a handful of rooms that allow for just the right amount of privacy. The vibe is just amazing. The sea breeze, the azure of the water stretching out as far as the eyes can see, the elegance and the attention to detail of every inch of the hotel, as well as the tastefully appointed accommodation, all comes together to the perfect luxury getaway that you’ve always dreamed of. If you are looking for that perfect beachside getaway, I dare say that you’d find that here!

The service is impeccable in that you will be absolutely spoiled by the lovely people here, while they also possess that rare ability to disappear when you need that privacy and seclusion. We all know that Sri Lankan hospitality has a way of being a tad overbearing sometimes (especially when you just want to be left alone) and you find that perfect balance here of being taken care of, while also being allowed to be at peace, in your own seclusion.

A round of applause for the staff at Sri Sharavi, ladies and gentlemen!

The room

Ah the space! The colours! The beauty! The accommodation at Sri Sharavi is pure opulence. There are multiple suites within the property named after a precious stone, with the inspiration for the interiors stemming from these themes. Every little element in these rooms were very well thought out and we even got this beautiful note, along with the most delightful fruit basket waiting for us when we checked in! From the feather-soft bed, the softest pillows, the cushiest duvets to the ornately decorated bathrooms, all of it was absolute indulgence.

The Food

Let’s talk about the location first. Food is either served at the beautiful little beachside restaurant right on the beach or at your own suite. It all has this wonderfully breezy vibe to it that instantly sets your mind at ease.

one of the best mirissa hotels

Breakfast consists of western and Sri Lankan options and we tried them both. Both being equally mind blowing, here are some of my absolute favorites.

Lunch at Sri Sharavi is a unique affair. The menu is different every single day and come with an appetizer, a main and a dessert and you have the absolute freedom to decide what you want to eat. Every little flavor element is so wonderfully thought out and it was absolutely hard to fault. Below are my absolute favorites.

Dinner times consist of especially curated dishes at the comfort of your own villa, the cool breeze whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

The cocktails

Even if you aren’t staying at Sri Sharavi, do yourself a favor and do drop by for a drink at its breathtaking beach hut, located right on the beach. I loved every single cocktail and mocktail I tried here and I’m sure that you will too.

Things to do at Sri Sharavi

At this little gem of a retreat, you are never short of things to do. Here are a few things that we tried while we were staying at Sri Sharavi Beach Villas.

Wine cellar retreat

Gloomy weather got you down? The wine cellar retreat at Sri Sharavi let’s you unwind with a glass of their finest wine while playing a game of chess in a cosy little cellar where no rain or shine can ever bother you – you will be spoilt for choice with their collection! This is the only boutique hotel in Sri Lanka that I know to feature a wine cellar – a rarity here for us wine aficionados in Sri Lanka.

GPS enabled cycles

If you, like me, have no sense of direction but still wanna go exploring, the bike riding experience at Sri Sharavi Beach Villas is the ideal experience for you. These bikes have customized GPS guided tours, explored and tested by professionals and riders can select the routes according to their fitness levels and interests. The bike routes are designed to explore the nature, local farming, plantations and authentic Sri Lankan village lifestyle and combines exercise with exploration all in one go!


I was so in my element the past few days at Sri Sharavi Beach Villas . For those of you in your healing, self-love era, I highly recommend this place to basically spoil yourself with all the wonderful things they offer.

This Almond Milk bath I indulged in as part of its amazing spa menu had me feeling serious Cleopatra vibes 👸after an invigorating 10 minute massage, you basically immerse yourself in a bath of milk and almond oil and simply relax, letting your skin soak up all that milk and almond goodness. Did you know that milk and almond are two of the most wonderful moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin soft and supple? I emerged out of this bath beautifully moisturized and still carry the glow around with me from this!

I coupled this with a full body massage at the end of which I was simply in the 07th heaven. And I found myself thinking, so THIS is how queens must have felt in the olden days! I could definitely get used to this!

Yoga by the sea

We start our days with a holistic yoga session here at Sri Sharavi Beach Villas and continue to focus on healing our core with meditation, spa treatments and other activities. This is definitely the getaway I needed and I can feel already feel that inner glow, radiating from within. Chantelle is a beautiful human being who will guide you through the yoga routines, whether you are a beginner or someone who has been dabbling in yoga for a while (like myself.) It was very clever how she came up with routines that suited us both and left us feeling amazing afterwards. And what a joy to be doing our routines to the sound of the sea crashing just feet away! What a treat for our souls!

A sunset boat ride along the lagoon

Hands down, one of the most memorable and the most surreal experiences I’ve had in a while is this tranquil boat ride along the lagoon at sunset. Cups of cinnamon tea and homemade coconut stuffed pancakes are served along the way and all you need to do is to watch the sunset color the sky in incredible hues as the boat silently and serenely glides along, aided by the boatman. This is an absolutely mesmerizing experience which is almost a blissful meditation where your sense are calmed and you stare in wander at the evening sky that puts up a display of colors, just for you.

I also love the fact that the hotel’s green philosophy is so in tune with the needs of today. Solar energy powers their operations, while their ceiling fans and lights are energy-saving devices which provide quality comfort without compromising precious resources.

There is a‘No Plastic Bottle’ policy throughout the property, and organic spa and bathroom products are provided for the guests, ensuring that we enjoy an eco-friendly experience from start to finish at Sri Sharavi.

Not only that, their vegetables and herbs are locally grown which also allows them to be a contributor to the local community, creating income sources, as well as a job provider for the area.

All in all, here’s an experience that I am unlikely to forget anytime soon. Sri Sharavi, you’ve been absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait to visit again soon!


Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa
153 Km Post,

Phone : +94 41 745 1090
Mail : [email protected]

Website – https://www.srisharavibeachvillas.com/