How many of you buy readymade hummus from the store? Do you know what goes in it – which preservatives, flavors, colors etc that can be harmful to your health? How can you be sure?

The truth is, you can never be sure. How hygienically it has been made and packed, how fresh the ingredients were or whether they were sourced in healthy environments – these are things that never come on a label. So how do you ensure that you give the healthiest and the safest food option to your family and loved ones? By making it at home of course!

And if you thought that making hummus at home is an impossible task, try this recipe and let your Moulinex Food Processor (it comes with double force so you can ensure the smoothest hummus that there is) do all the work for you.

Interested? Let’s begin!

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There you go! I hope you have fun making these for yourself and your loved ones back at home!