About Me


Meet the Hungry Writer….

First and foremost a dreamer and a foodie all the way from Sri Lanka, the love for food comes to me at a very young age. I grew up watching my mother in her big floral print frocks kneading the dough and stirring the pots in our big open kitchen at the back of our house, wanting to create that same kind of magic one day. The tastes and aromas of childhood, the warmth from the stove during the cool and fragrant December months and the sweaty June afternoons, all floury and hot from helping my mother cook up that extra bit of something for tea in the afternoon under the shady mango tree amongst the blossoming bougainvilleas, this is my inspiration, this is my style.

Sri Lankan food is as exotic and mysterious as the island itself and while my concentration isn’t on the traditional food in itself, I am fascinated by our quirky eating and cooking habits and the unusual culinary methods. And I do use quite a lot of these eccentric ways and means in my food. I am a lazy cook and an instinctive one, so rest assured I will be finding the easiest most effective ways of executing a dish no matter how complicated the process is. I come from a long line of foodies and eclectic home cooks – just something that I have my maternal side of the family to thank for.

I am also a sucker for unique culinary experiences, so you will probably find me sitting at random cafes, sipping a cup of tea or trying out the latest dishes once in a while. And I will write about them – purely for the benefit of similar food fans who appreciate good food and a good time.

I am a web specialist by profession and a locally and internationally published poet, an avid blogger, travel writer, dancer, book hoarder, food critic and a photography enthusiast amongst many other things. I published my maiden collection of poetry under the name of “Scattered” and I am currently also working on my second book of poetry as well as a novel. In short, I am just your regular girl next door who loves everything about life in general. And here is my tribute to food – to all that is good and wholesome.

Welcome to my blog. Feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback is important to me.