This I must confess, I am ashamed even to post. It’s that easy and the flavours are so simple. This is an ideal dish to be paired up with an especially flavoursome dish – like this Tarragon Chicken dish I made the other day. In fact, I made this noodle dish to serve this particularly flavoursome Tarragon Chicken so there, that is my excuse.


Steaming noodles fresh out of the hot water bath

We often forget the beauty of simplicity. Sometimes, simple clean flavours are all we need and on a day that your taste buds are overwhelmed and tired, this would be the perfect dish that you can have on its own.


Simple but absolutely lovely. Amazingly clean flavours – you can almost cut the butter from the garlic, the onions from  the chili flakes and the noodles from the salt. The solid strands of the noodles delicately coated with the creamy butteriness, the mingling garlic effusing their fragrance, the crunchy onions snaking their way through the noodles provide a bite to the otherwise soft mouthful. Coat it with the right gravy and you simply couldn’t have enough!

Also, this is filled with garlicky goodness that you simply wouldn’t be able to have enough! Aside from the flavour, garlic is also well known for its incredible health benefits. You can discover more in this well written article. I was impressed!

Cooking tips

  • If you want a certain dish to not be overpowered but still need to give it an accompaniment, you’ve got your guy.
  • If you want to serve it up as a main meal, you don’t have to keep it simple. Add in some mushrooms, seafood or a meat of your choice after the onions and spruce it up. This is known to be pretty darn impressive.
  • Use a thin sort of noodle for this dish. Egg noodles and other sorts of heavy ones won’t do. Something like vermicelli but a little thicker would do perfectly.