Sometimes you  just gotta say, fudge it.

Christmas is just approaching and you are tired to the bone, having worked your backside off the entire year and you just can’t wait to get out of office and get under the covers of those comforting annual leave. But there’s still a few more weeks to go and you practically have to drag yourself off of the bed every day to get up, get dressed and shuffle to work only to daydream about the approaching annual leave again.

The above is actually my current status. Hands up if you’re suffering from the same.


Anyways, it was on one of those days I decided that I absolutely NEEDED a pick-me-up. I’ve been dreaming of rum and raisin all week and it was time to put those mental recipe concoction to test.

Do you remember the Kandos rum and raisin chocolates? I used to sneak one into my mother’s shopping cart every time we are in the supermarket and wonder if it is okay for me to have it at all, having seen the name and all. Rum and Raisin. Turns out there was never any rum in it. What a rip off!

So in my boozy fudge range (braise yourselves! There’s a lot more of em boozy fudges coming) I’ve decided to introduce a classic combo but with actual rum in it. I’ve also made the fudge extra dark and intense so as to go with the theme. This is grown up fudge yo!

So here’s my gift to you to help you hang in there just a little more until the holidays officially commence.

How can I explain the sheer ecstasy of having a bite of this?

You bite into deep, intense, dark chocolate and you are drawn into its cavernous depths unlit and unexplred. All of a sudden a sweet and sour bomb explodes in your mouth flooding t with sweetness and other sensations. The sharp zing of the rum simply zaps you into consciousness. The fudgy chocolate clinging on to your teeth, plump blobs of rum infused raisins going’ plop’ in your mouth. Oh it’s simply marvelous!

Pack it up in dainty little jars and tie it off with a ribbon. You’ve got yourself a wonderful little gift idea that I am sure EVERYONE will enjoy!