Well, I’ve done it again.

What is it you ask. It is posting a recipe that was meant for Christmas after the day because I was too lazy to do the work related to it.

There is no excuse.

However I shall comfort myself with the fact that you will at least be able to use this recipe for the New Year. Or for the avalanche of Christmas parties that are yet to come.

This gorgeous fruit roll is a grand mix of dried fruits and nuts and is packed with protein. Basted in Brandy, this embodies all flavors of Christmas in the fruits we use as well as the spices.

Plus it’s super easy to make! It’s simply a matter of processing up some dried fruit and molding the mix into a log!

Studded with deep dark pieces of chocolate wrapped in pulpy fig and date, this fruit roll is essentially a protein packed roll of goodness. The walnuts crush with a delightful crunch amidst the gooey chocolate and the mushy fig and date providing a toasty nuttiness. The brandy lends a veritable kick to the mix with cinnamon perfuming the dish with its sensual warmth and the nutmeg spices everything up, adding to the festive flair. All in all, a treat so precious and so easy to make that you just have to try your hand at it!

Special tips

  • Don’t limit yourself to the dry fruits I’ve mentioned above. You can use pretty much anything that you like. Get creative with it!
  • For an all-fruit treat, omit the chocolate.