Times are desperate but that does not mean that one must not eat well.

Spirits are down and we all miss the occasional night out and the ability to walk down the street and into a shop and choose your week’s supplies at will. Freedom – we have always taken this for granted.

I for one, will never take a stroll down a supermarket isle for granted ever again.

In any case, make do with what we have, we must. And for those nights you wish you had something a little special, here’s something for you to consider.

Gnocchi.I love how elegant this dish is yet how simple. Now, be prepared to invest a little time into this because even though this uses up a minimum of 3 ingredients, it takes up a bit of time. A labor of love no less

Once the gnocchi is done, all you need to do is simply toss it with a very simple sauce and enjoy it, with a glass of wine!

For this particular recipe I went as simply as possible and fried up the gnocci with a bit of tinned macarel, garlic and onions. It was simple, but so, so good.

The dish is delightfully light and buttery, soft and elegant on the tongue, with the curry leaves playing ever so delicately on the senses. The butter and the garlic enhance the creamy potato of the dish and are the perfect companions, cutting through the gnocchi richness. I added mackerel to mine for a stronger flavor but for a light, romantic meal, I’d definitely leave the mackerel out.

Best gnocchi tips

  • They say that russet potatoes are the best for gnocchi but hey, we are quarantined and beggars can’t be choosers, so I’ve used the regular Sri Lankan potato. The trick is to not let them get too soggy.
  • Don’t overwork the dough. It’s important to keep it billowy and light. Otherwise your gnocchi will be dense.
  • I’ve added curry leaves in the mix. You can experiment with your own flavorings ir simply, not add anything at all the traditional way.