A lot of you have been asking for a foolproof butter cake recipe lately. And here I am giving you my all-time go-to butter cake recipe which is also superbly easy to remember. 225 of everything! How can you forget that?

Here, the elegance lies in the simplicity. The vanilla notes in this cake marries so well with the butter and the two of them sing so wonderfully. When there are no complexities you can enjoy every single note of the delicacy – same as life. The simpler, the better!

This butter cake can be the base for so many things – iced as a birthday cake, glazed, soaked in rum in fruit trifles and even on its own. My favorite way to eat this is warm, with a tiny bit of butter with a cup of tea. So good!

Butter cake tips

  • Add whatever you like to this – I do many variations in this with coffee, raisins and even the occasional strawberry or two. This is a basic I swear by.
  • Sandwich this, frost this, put some icing on it or serve it as it is. The choice is yours.
  • If you are using self-raising flour, skip the baking powder.