Grab a packet of sugar-laden cereal off the shelf and gobble it down with some milk –. Or slather a slice of bread (that too grabbed off the shelf) and wolf it down and call it breakfast – that’s your breakfast these days. Have you thought about the nutrition that you are depriving your body of? And all that sugar, preservatives and unknown ingredients that you are putting in your body?

Throughout all these years of trying out various things, I’ve discovered (as clichéd as it may sound) that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Have yourself a nice hearty breakfast and your day is wonderful, because you are fed, your body is happy.

But not everybody has the luxury of making oneself a nice, hearty breakfast every morning because, alas, us poor lot were not born rich and hence need to make a living by heading off to our respective jobs. Me despite being an aspiring blogger, too balance a full time job while I am writing this food blog and therefore I try to find things that would make my life easier at the same time, giving myself and my loved ones the maximum nutrition that the body commands.

This beautiful breakfast loaf is one such creation. Combining apples and Swiss cheese, this easy breakfast recipe is extremely simple to make and will keep up to a week in the refrigerator. Also, did I mention that it is healthier than most breakfast products out there?

Deliciously fluffy, soft and fragrant. Crusty on the outside and wonderfully pillowy on the inside. The chunks of apple and cheese combine sweet and salty in a comforting languor while the exotic cinnamon perfumes reminiscent of warm, sunny afternoons. The teeth have much to do in sinking into juicy apple chunks exploding with flavor and creamy cheese hunks coating the mouth with salty lavishness. This bread is softly sweet with the aroma of festivity, beautifully moist and can be consumed by itself but is enhanced when served with fruit. I like to have mine with a bowl of raisins on the side. Yum!

As I said, this is a healthy breakfast recipe that can be executed easily and will have you swelling with pride at the results. Your body is a temple. while it is important to indulge in the “bad” stuff every once in a while, it is also important to keep yourself in perfect shape the rest of the time. This is your secret to a healthy and happy life.

While I name it a breakfast loaf, it is ideal to serve up at tea time as well. A definite crowd pleaser, tried and tested!