Remember my kitchen mishap not so long ago regarding a cardamom cake? I finally managed to undo my follies (and not repeat the idiotic things that I did the last time) and managed to pull out the most sublime creation of my life. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, *drum roll* the Cardamom white chocolate cake.

Let me smart off by saying this – the pictures do not do this cake justice. In my haste to dig in, I did not put much effort into the photographs. And this is something I am ashamed to admit.

This is truly an elegant cake – graceful, like a lady brought up with manners, pure and simple, gentle, caring and smooth yet with a zing and a tang that will keep you on your toes. This is not a cake that you bore of easily. Also, this is ideal as a dessert or as a birthday cake for the sophisticated – any which way that you like it.

Deliciously mellow, this reminds you of elegant high teas hosted in high ceilinged rooms with lace curtains at the windows and delicate lace doilies and pink blossoming roses adorning the table. If cakes were a community, this would be the most delicate, most fragrant and the most sophisticated lady there, seasoned with experience and sweetened with age. The cakes are lovely and soft with delicious bits of creamy white chocolate within while the cardamom gently laces through, cuddled by the smooth velvet of the white chocolate. Bits of pistachio encounters the teeth and provides a pleasurable contrast – the soft, pillowy cake, the silky thickness of the frosting and the gritty nuttiness of the nuts. Serve this at any party, at any birthday celebration and be ready for the avalanche of compliments that will be hurled your way.

Important tips

  • By all means, PLEASE LINE & PREPARE THE BAKING TTRAYS. Or read this. The white chocolate is sticky and messy and having a layer of oil paper between your cake and the tin is extra insurance.
  • Before beating in the melted white chocolate into your butter to make the icing, please make sure that the white chocolate is cooled COMPLETELY. Otherwise the mixture will curdle and you will be left with a vomit-like substance on your hands.