Had my first kitchen disaster in ages.

Expectation – White Chocolate Cardamom Cake
Result – Right Royal Mess

Went in without any precautions or a plan B in case something went wrong cz Pfft! What could POSSIBLY go wrong? I am, after all, the Goddess of all things Bake.

In went the cakes (in cake tins with spring bottoms) and when the cakes came out the oven, the white chocolate stuck to the bottom of the baking trays and the cakes just wouldn’t budge. Since I wasn’t so hot about the idea of aluminium frosted cake (I recently also got a filling done and wouldn’t wanna dent any more teeth), utilized every goddamned tool in the household and salvaged what looked like a car wreck in Siberia and thought meh! the frosting’s got me covered.

Melted the white chocolate, creamed the butter (oh that beautiful fluffy pile of deliciousness!) poured in the melted white chocolate into the butter without waiting for it to cool. And by the Almighty Rambutans, the mixture curdled! I got a car wreck of a cake and a frosting that looks like baby vomit in my hands and I have nothing to lose. Sandwiched the car wreck in baby vomit, sprinkled some chopped pistachios on top and served myself a chunk (cz hell I deserve some sugar after all that tragedy!). And gotta admit, despite the fact that my chef d’oeuvre looks like a car wreck covered in baby vomit, it tasted like I died in the car wreck and went to exotic cardamom heaven. All was not lost.

Lesson learnt – No matter how good you are or you THINK you are at something, you are still capable of major spectacular f&$# ups and creating car wrecks covered in baby vomit out of beautiful cardamom cakes.


(Also, two of my favorite vintage pinups pour toi ;) )