Sometimes I just cannot resist the feeling of wanting to nibble on something so chocolatey that I almost pass out from the richness.

Days like this, I always find an excuse to bake a chocolate cake, brownies or a batch of super chocolatey chocolate chip cookies. This particular recipe adapted from one of my older recipes is one that has been inspired from one such chocolatey mood.

Have I told you I LOVE cookie dough? Well, that’s another reason I love baking cookies like these. The downside of course is that by the time I am done, there’s hardly any cookie dough left for baking.

But seriously, you will totally be hiding under the bed with the cookie jar if you’ve had just one of these chocolate chip coookies. The secret I would say, is great quality dark chocolate, 70% cocoa at the very least. These are as dark as sin and as satisfying and you will feel guilty just taking a bite.

Proceed with caution. What follows is extremely addictive. You have been warned.

Welcome to pure chocolatey goodness. The first bite itself will fill your senses with a dark, chocolatey goodness while gooey pieces of chocolate will coat your mouth with thick intensity. The cookies themselves are cakey with a satisfying bite and if you are a fan of death by chocolate, this is definitely your poison.