Here’s one for the date lovers. Date stuffed cookies or pop tarts if you may, I really don’t have a name for it though. Just that these are luscious and delicious and healthier than most snacks out there and I for one am absolutely addicted to it.Date pop tarts. Or date stuffed cookies. Either way, it is a great snack to satiate the sweet tooth of anyone in a healthier way.

A deliciously crumbly pastry envelops a gooey sweet treacly treat. What you encounter first is the crunchy pastry crumbling between your teeth while your teeth next sinks into an almost caramelly centre, fleshy and bursting with flavor. The moist date enhanced with honey gives out floral notes while the butter embraces it all with a deliciously creamy note bringing it all together. The flaky pastry blends well with the intense caramel of the filling, mellowing it, caressing it, complementing it. Each cookie might look small but it is quite a mouthful. Good thing that is too because you won’t be able to stop once you start popping em!


Baking tips

  • Use good quality dates – the gooey kind for a delicious treat.
  • I use all-purpose flour for this. I find that t works best for me.
  • make them as small or large as you want. Really, it’s just a matter of personal choice.