I like to think that passion fruits traps the sun and encases its bright lemon rays within their thick, plastic-like outer covering. For me, this is what passion fruit tastes like – sunshine, smiles and glorious sunsets over warmed ocean water kissed by the sun.

Hubster has a vine of passion fruit that has grown into a thick moss colored mass and so we are never really short of this magnificent fruit. It is incredible as a juice, blended with sugar and ice and is perfect for sunny summers when the temperature rises and thirst comes looking.

So I thought, let’s do something different. Let’s create something that your teeth can bite into. I had white chocolate and butter and I had loads of passion fruit as well. And so the fun began.

Tangy sweet deliciousness. Sunshine in a bite.

The passion fruit and the white chocolate go together admiringly well! The tanginess of the passion is curbed and rounded by the smooth mellowness of the white chocolate which at the same time, acts as the frame to the picture accentuating it, bringing it to the spotlight. The cookies are crunchy around the edges, wonderfully soft and cakey in the middle with the crisp crunch of passion fruit seeds providing a delightful burst of liveliness. The little balls of creamy white chocolate coats the mouth with a delicious smoothness while loud bursts of passion cleanses the palate and basks the mouth with sunny fragrance that has you craving for more. If described correcty, I’d say that these cookies are explosions of flavor, one after one after one bite, hardly allowing you breathing space among each mouthful, leaving you reaching out for more.

Baking tips

It is important that you keep an eye on the cookies. The right time to take them out would be when they are nicely brown on the edges and the bottoms are crisp enough to be lifted out.