There was a time when I believed that to make frozen yogurt, all you need to do is pop the yogurt in the freezer. Boy was I wrong!

Hot days these. Everything cold and frozen are more than welcome in my household and therefore, the frozen yogurt could not have come at a better time. Yogurt in itself is cooling, so this serves double the purpose anyway. I made yogurt last week and I used half of that batch for this. I don’t have an ice cream maker so I won’t say that this is easy as it requires quite a bit of manual labour. I suppose it should be easier if you did have an ice cream maker, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never made one. However, once made, it is deeply satisfying. Not to mention healthy.

I am constantly horrified by the outrageously expensive frozen yogurts available in the market today. For a few measly grams you have to pay a small fortune, so much so that it isn’t even funny. And the quality of the product is nothing to sing about either. Which is why I decided to take things into my own hands. Nope, I ain’t making the frozen yogurt fellows rich anymore.


I have never made this with store bought yogurt, so I don’t know if the same results can be achieved with that. Store bought yogurt contains a certain amount of gelatin, so I am not quite sure how that works. I make my yogurt without added sugar and therefore, I need to add sugar when I am making the frozen yogurt as I don’t think unsweetened frozen yogurt will be a very pleasant thing. You can add alternative sweetners like honey, treacle, maple syrup and etc as well. I have heard that the more sugar you add the better as sugar prevents ice crystals from forming in the frozen yogurt, but I am yet to discover the truth behind this statement.

I have added a bit of kithul treacle on top of this serving. I bought this superb bottle of treacle recently, it’s so good that I eat it with everything these days! You can have it plain or with a bit of treacle or honey, choose your sin. By the time I am putting this recipe up, the bowls had all been licked clean. I am making another batch in a while :)

Although I do enjoy an ice cream from time to time, I am not a huge fan of ice cream. It is a boring dessert for me, all frozen and overly sweet. Yogurt has always been my preferred choice and frozen yogurt is my ideal substitute for the overtly sweet, unimaginative ice cream in the market these days. I love it for its tangy-sweetness, very interesting layers of flavour, somewhat earthy and very refreshing. Ever felt even more thirsty after having ice cream? Frozen yogurt on the other hand, is the perfect thirst quencher. Which is why I would always, always choose frozen yogurt over ice cream.

Some Tips

  • For a creamy, soft serve, do not freeze the yogurt too much. Adjust your freezer temperature (if you can) to a moderate one that would keep it soft. Alternatively, you can eat it all in one go without letting it go hard in the freezer and I promise you, this isn’t too hard to do!
  • You would need to add a bit more sweetness to the frozen dessert than you would to the regular yogurt as once frozen, you tend to not taste the sweetness all that much.
  • Frozen yogurt in itself is delicious as well. Vanilla is optional and I made two batches, one with vanilla and one plain. I think I like the plain one better.

So there you go. Let’s try and put the exorbitantly priced frozen yogurt fellows out of business or at least force them to reduce their prices! ;)