I hope you have that store-bought puff pastry ready. You don’t? Don’t worry, I also have a puff pastry recipe ready for you.

I was doing a bit of stocking up the other day at the supermarket and I was amazed at how every other shelf seems to be near-empty but the puff pastry and the spring roll sheet section. This gave me an idea.

Chocolate croissants!

We were heading into curfew season and I have a bakery items fiend at home – aka hubster creature. Feeding him and keeping him happy is going to be a challenge hence, to make my life so much easier (because regardless of the curfew I will be working from home), I added these puff pastry sheets into my shopping cart.

Mind you, when you make these at home on your own, it tastes so much better. But for recipes like this where the butteriness of the pastry isn’t absolute paramount, the store bought stuff would do.

Besides, why make your life complicated? All I need for this chocolate croissant recipe is puff pastry and a few chocolate bars!

These chocolate croissants are incredibly light that it feels like you are biting into a layered cloud at first. Your teeth then meets the gooey chocolate on the inside of the croissant and the butteriness merges into a wonderful gooey chocolate, then blending into a luscious velvety richness. You can easily gobble up the entire batch in seconds. You can alternate dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate like I did and have a variety of croissants to bite into!

French patisserie style croissants right at home. With just two ingredients!

Baking tips

  • Use good quality chocolate. This is essential in this recipe.
  • Don’t overwork your pastry dough. Puff pastry needs to retain its integrity so as to puff into layers in the oven.
  • Work quickly with your pastry dough. Because especially in Sri Lanka, puff pastry is notoriously hard to work with due to the heat.
  • Watch that oven! Remember, puff pastry is a LOT of butter and butter is something that tends to burn very quickly. Keep your eye on that oven

Photography – Jayani C. Senanayake.

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