Can you smell it? Can you feel it in the air?

December is fast approaching and the air is already buzzing with electricity. There is a certain perfume in the air- a subtle smokiness reminiscent of good food, great company and happy times. December  is hands down my favorite month of the year.

Don’t you ever wish that it could be December forever?

And with December comes Christmas – quite possibly the most looked forward to event all over the world. As a child, Christmas for me had no religious significance whatsoever – for me it was all gifts, food, bright baubles and strings and strings of tinsel and promises of mother hanging around the house (my mother was a working woman and days when she was home were carnival for us) bustling around the kitchen. And mother bustling around the kitchen meant yummilious treats being served up on a constant basis.

When you’re a child, everything is larger than life. Everything is magical. And I believe my love for December comes from my memories as a child. And now, more than ever I want to go back to being a child.

Speaking of Christmas, have you done your Christmas gift shopping yet? If you haven’t, don’t bother. I for one, don’t care for store-bought stuff much. Besides, a little personal touch in a gift is worth quite a lot than anything anyone can ever buy for me.

Which is where this delicious Baileys Fudge comes in.

I must confess, it started out as a regular chocolate fudge when midway I decided that regular fudge was all too boring. This is when I added a good splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream which I happened to have in an overhead cupboard (remnants of a previous night’s adventures…ahem) and this is what happened. I cannot be happier with the result of course.

Rich, dark chocolate, silky smooth on the tongue practically melt in the heat of the mouth. It is not too sweet as amidst the sweet richness one is zinged with the Irish cream, the zesty, feisty Irish bolts simply coursing through all that chocolate to send you into orgasmic delight. The vanilla sings through beautifully, coupled with the creamy Bailey’s note and elegantly rises above it all, giving you something much, much more than just boring old chocolate fudge. This is the fudge that you simply gotta make this Christmas or die  trying!

But see, it’s the simplest recipe there is!


  • Toss a few in a glass jar, tie it off in a pretty ribbon and you got yourself a trendy little personalized gift!
  • Or serve it off to guests and surprise them with that delightful alcohol zing. They will leave your house happy and dreamy-eyed ;)