Okay, a health-ier one if I am being honest.

I’ve just begun to realize this – I am slowly (but surely) going off chocolate.

I know that some of you might be starring at the screen horror-faced right now but it does seem like the case. Days of whacking off entire Cadburys, licking off melty-sweet milk chocolate off arms and fingers seem like another lifetime away. I realized that I don’t even glance at the chocolate isle anymore. Dessert tables at buffets don’t interest me anymore.

I’ve become the person I’ve always  shaken my head with wonderment at – the person who opts for the cheese platter at the end of the meal as opposed to that big, decadent, sinful as hell chocolate mousse on the menu.

And by this I do not mean that I don’t enjoy the occasional piece of rich, dark chocolate. I guess what I’m really saying is that I am officially off the milky, overtly sugary stuff – the stuff that is bad for you anyways.

I still do enjoy a piece of dark chocolate with my red, red wine ;)

So when I found Willie’s Chocolate Bible just lying around in my book case (which is a labyrinth of never-read books where new books go into hibernation), I was curious. It was then that I decided to try out his chocolate custard recipe which I did not like very much. But then, I improvised with a few more secret ingredients.

The result was a rich, decadent chocolate dessert that tastes very much like the sinful chocolate mousse. Properly chilled, it is a healthier alternative that you shouldn’t feel too guilty about whacking potfuls because, lo-and-behold, it IS actually healthy!

I also advise you to make your own amaretti cookies for this. It’s so very easy that you won’t even bat an eyelid the next time someone says amaretti.

The result is a silky smooth chocolate dessert that tastes and feels (in texture) exactly like the chocolate mousse you are used to. The intensity of the chocolate is toned down with the softness of the milk only to be accentuated with the sugar. The vanilla note echoes throughout, winding around the chocolate, lacing through the milk and finally resting upon the tongue, a fragrant kiss. The amaretti will provide the bite but the real kick comes from the chili flakes sprinkled just before the serving. The fiery but flavorsome fires will ring through your taste buds with passion, butting heads with the sweetness of it all but complementing the rich dark notes of the chocolate.

Did I mention that this is actually healthier than the real thing? It is!!!

Ok now, tips!!!

Cooking tips

  • It’s normal to cook the yolks and get lumps in it. I’ve done it a few times too. When and if that happens (happens to the best of us), just strain it well, whip up another egg yolk and repeat procedure, only with more rapid whipping and very little egg yolk this time on VERY low heat.
  • This one’s for the coffee lovers. You can add a dash of instant coffee too if you like.
  • You can adjust the sugar as per taste. I would personally add less as the milk gives a certain sweetness to it as well, but it is entirely a  matter of personal taste.
  • Make your own amaretti cookies! Get the recipe here!