Did I tell you how much we love our meats?

Mutton and pork being two of the most beloved meats in the household, I like to try out different methods of preparing these two delicacies. And not to brag, but this particular mutton recipe has been known to woo the hearts of the most discerning mutton eaters and it’s something that deserve its very special place on my blog. Although God above only knows why it took so long to get here :D

Mutton Korma is an Indian dish that is steeped in a variety of spices and braised in cashew paste and cream. And there are SO many varieties of mutton korma as well and its difficult to pick one you like. I of course, true to my nature, has added a little here, taken off a little there and twisted around to suit my picky taste buds. Hope you enjoy it as much as the ones I cook it for :)


I know it sounds like a lot of work, but you will thank me for it when it comes out smelling all nice.

Most people don’t really like mutton because it is tough, but pressure cooking the mutton really loosens it up and makes the flesh literally fall off the bone. That’s actually the trick for tender, flavorsome mutton really!

This dish is creamy and exotic with all the flavors of a jasmine perfumed oriental night. The velvety texture of the cashews play together with the almonds enveloping within its satiny embrace, the irresistible warmth of the cinnamon, the piquant clove and the enchanting cardamom, weaving between each tendon of the mutton, a soft fragrant song. The garam masala brings sensuality in its coriander themed incense while the chili adds that much needed punch, with the sultanas bursting between your teeth, pouring out sweet-tart juices, bringing it all together like a lover caressing you to sleep.

Poetry on the tongue. If it was up to me, I’ll have this every day!

Cooking tips

  • If you are not too keen on cooking this on pressure cooker, you can pressure cook the mutton early and save the broth for mutton biriyani later!
  • I used milk in this recipe for a low fat alternative. Using cream in the recipe will give you a much richer, more sumptuous dish. You can add it at the end too.