Peckish Me releases its first ever video in collaboration with Life Online on how to make peanut butter at home!

I know the video quality isn’t the best and I can think of a few ways to improve it to give you a better experience, but we are still trying out various techniques and tricks to improve the quality to give you the best experience of these easy and simple recipes. Please bear with us for now. We are taking it one day at a time and one recipe per week. Baby steps but getting there. For someone who has always been the behind the camera person and has absolutely no experience in front of it, I think I’ve done pretty darn well. Although it was just about adding the ingredients to a food processor.

Anyways, about the recipe, this is one of my most popular recipes and I’ve gotten SO much feedback on this one. It totally works and tastes much, MUCH better than those horrible store bought stuff. Besides, why pay exorbitant amounts when you can make the peanut butter by yourself at a fraction of the cost. And without the added toxins and preservatives too? This video will guide you step by step on how to do it yourself. You can’t go wrong!

I will be featuring one video per week so stay tuned for more! For a more detailed recipe, check out my original recipe post here. 

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