I love my cider. I can’t stand beer but I’ll have cider, no complaints at all.

With the season in full swing, the air itself smells like cider and spiced wine. Christmas cake aging in nooks and corners, brandy, and fermented fruits unhurriedly plumping up while languid afternoons dress themselves in honeyed hues. I love December. It is pure ecstasy and joy and sunlight :)

It is said that apple cider was found by the Greeks and the Romans and when Romans invade England around 55BC, they already found the locals enjoying cider there. It did not take long for this delicious beverage to spread across Europe. Very soon, apple orchards were being set up all over for the sole purpose of producing cider apples, which in turn produced cider.

So, in spirit of this wunderful season, and to serve all those people who flock to your homes to celebrate, here’s a bright and sparkling cider cocktail recipe that will undoubtedly impress and put everyone in a great mood.

See? Easy peasy!

The piquant ginger melds well with the fruity cider while the bubbles add a sparkling, lively quality to it. This is a combination of seasonal favorites, the spices and the fruit, the sheer abundance of it all. In essence, this is a holiday cocktail, designed to put you in the mood, instantly.