Can I just say that I absolutely love Panino?It started as a mild infatuation, while I was searching for a substantial lunch at the Good Market. I’m not a huge rice fan and hence sad to say, the options were scarce, expensive and hardly sufficient.

That’s when I came across Panino. I had one of their roast paan panini first (I believe it was a chicken pomodori melt) and I was hooked.

I have tried so many of their creations so far, the BBQ pulled chicken, the mushroom & cheese, the chicken burritos and etc, all of which had a unique identity of their own. While I absolutely loved some, others I generally liked and some I did not like (for example, the burritos has a little too much of rice and too little chicken in it which was not to my liking. However, the flavours were good) But today I shall rant and rave about the Chicken Pomodori melt that, hands down, tops the list for me.

I love, love, LOVE the chicken! Very well seasoned and dare I say, melt in the mouth? I love what they have done with the spinach there and that spread! Oh dear god, that spread! Whatever that spread is, it gives all the flavour that the panini needs. It coats the chicken, the spinach and whatever else is in that filling and perfectly balances it out. Would I have it seven days a week for lunch? Hell yeah!

Oh btw, I like my Chicken Pomodori in a wrap. Sure it costs Rs 50/- more but it sure is worth it.

Best part is, it’s healthy. I’m bit of a health conscious person and like to watch what I put in my body. Because of this, it is somewhat difficult to find “snacks” for myself. Another reason why Panino is just about perfect for me. And I know this will sound weird but it tastes healthy too (probably it’s the spinach. Shrug)

Not a huge fan of their drinks though. Prices are outrageous. For a bottle of thambili, they charge Rs 150/-. For a bottle of narang or ginger beer, its 250! I mean sure, I understand that the eco friendly glass bottling and everything costs, but as an actual food item, its way too overpriced for me. I did try their homemade ginger beer once out of curiosity. It was good, but would I pay Rs 250/- for it? No.

All in all, I’m happy. I found my go-to place for those little cravings. Sad part is I have to go all the way to the Cotton Collection to get my fix. Oh well……