After a long, long silence, I am back!!!

Life’s been hectic lately. I’ve had an exam, an extensive training program at work, and also the hubster left the country again. (and we all know how much work sending this creature off is. We basically prepare for a famine and a half and pack for several winters when he does. It’s a Sri Lankan thing. One is in constant and dire need of one’s stock of dry fish, fish ambul thiyal, halmasso and the polos curry you know )

And now, the exams are done, the hubster sent off and training program has come to a close. Now I am suddenly left with not much to do. Hmm….

Realization number 1 – Husbands take up a lot of time :P

Anyways, I do miss the creature much. But I shall comfort myself with the thought that I will see him again, soon enough. He can’t stay away that long. See, I KNOW ;)

On an entirely different subject, I found myself thinking about Khal Drogo the other day.

I know, I know, that is so last year (literary) but my point is that if you are a real Game of Thrones fan, you don’t actually forget any of them now, do you?

See, I am right.

So back to Khal Drogo (and Jason Momoa *swoon*). Honestly, that Stark kid has got NOTHING on him. I don’t understand how the mighty Dragon Queen ended up bedding that whiny, puny fellow who’s only skill is bad decision making and getting himself (and his troop) into hot water (or into the midst of Undead/Wildling/Lanister armies) whenever he does.

He’s got neither brains nor looks. Nor any redeeming quality for that matter. Good manners don’t get you anywhere in that wolf-eat-lion world. I don’t know how he has ended up being the main character by the end of the last season.

Anyways, back to Drogo (and his rollicking Dothraki accent “swoon*).

I will never forget the scene where Danny eats a horse heart. This scene, contrary to the few who grew faint with disgust and horror, gave me an insight into what the Dothraki may be eating on their regular diet – earthy roots, gamey meat and rustic, simple cooking. Which is what gave me the idea of this earthy, full-bodied liver pie.

Now don’t run a mile just yet. I do admit that chicken liver is an acquired taste (so are horse hearts, duhh!) but it is a taste that once tasted you will never go back again. I am one of the converted ones who initially could not stand it but fell in love eventually with its almost-buttery, gamey taste.

These pies are a heady marriage of intensely gamey liver, caramelized onion, pungent garlic and a mix of piquant cinnamon and clove encased in an earthy whole wheat crust. Rich and bold, earthy, simple and full-bodied, these wholesome pies will have you speaking Dothraki the moment you taste one.

Yes they are amazing. And yes, you must try them.

I am yet to taste something as rustic and so “Dothraki” as this.

This is Khal Drogo and Danaerys merged together in a gunny bag. No, I’m not kidding. Through the crusty, flaky pastry with a wonderful earthiness of its own, your teeth sinks into the buttery mellow of the liver, encased in caramelized onions and the roasted garlic. The combination is aromatic with the scents of cinnamon and clove plucking at your taste buds while the oregano blows a tender kiss of meadow-freshness across your tongue. The raisins fattened during its sauna in the oven simply pops in your mouth, unleashing a flood of sweet-tart reminiscent of fruit cake and Christmas times. The flavors are simple yet delicate, rough at the same time, elegant. If wholesome is a taste, this is what wholesome will taste like.

Give liver a chance. Not only is it oh-so-nutritious, when prepared the right way, it is also an amazing treat!