Our cruise with Sail Lanka on the Ocean Diamond started on a beautiful sunny afternoon from Mirissa. Once onboard, all I wanted to do was prance around the deck where the sun seemed to hit so perfecty in that beautifully honeyed afternoon glow. The blueness of the water, the golden sunshine hitting the deck, you couldn’t ask for more!

We were shown to our rooms which were in the lower deck and were swept away by the view from the room. The room opened onto the deck which could be partitioned separately to preserve your privacy. It was cosy with ample room and we were more than happy.

After a quick wash we went onto the middle deck where the restaurant was located where we were served afternoon tea. There, sprawled on the sunbeds on the deck, we witnessed perhaps the most breathtaking sunset I have seen in the longest time. There’s something about the wide open seas, the setting sun and well, the heart simply soaring out of your chest as we cruised onward and forward into the beautiful sunset. Simply put, it was the most magical afternoon.

We also made our way into the upper deck where an even better view of the sunset could be experienced. The skies simply opened up before us and the sky was painted colors that we had only seen in pictures. Sitting there, looking at the sky, it is safe to say that all cares simply dropped away. If I had found perfection in a moment in the recent past, this was it.

The Food

All meals are served in the main restaurant buffet style. We were asked of any food allergies and preferences before we came onboard so we assumed that this was done for all the guests as well according to which the menus were designed. The food was absolutely delicious and there was something for everyone, be it meat items, seafood or simply, vegetarian. I just loved how well executed the dishes were, the seafood and meats cooked to perfection and never overcooked (which is easy to do when it comes to seafood.)

The Service

Everyone is so friendly! Ever ready to help, everyone is so forthcoming with information about basically everything – from sailing to places that we passed on the shore on our cruise.

The Dolphins!

I swear, this cruise held magic at every turn. On our way back to Colombo we came across a school of the most beautiful, playful dolphins, turning somersaults right in front of the boat. They were so close that we could almost touch them! There were hundreds of them surrounding us, racing each other, turning, teasing, cajoling. It was such an enchanting experience that we actually forgot to take pictures!

The Sunsets

Ah the most ethereal, the most magical, the most extraordinary, otherworldly sunsets I have seen, I witnessed onboard the Ocean Diamond. I have always been a tad obsessed with sunsets and make it a point to catch them whenever I get a chance. And here onboard with Sail Lanka, it was pure magic.

What is it about these sunsets in the wide open seas that make you forget your existence itself and make all your worries simply drop away?

The activities

Once the boat docked for the night near Jungle Beach in Mirissa, we were given the chance to jump into the water and simply float about. Perfectly safe, mind you. And even if you cannot swim, you can opt for a life jacket and simply float away to your heart’s content.

And don’t worry about the safety as there are at least two seasoned swimmers in the water, closely monitoring the guests, in case one gets floated away too far.

There is also kayaking, paddle boarding and other activities available for anyone who is interested.

All in all, an unforgettable experience that still makes my eyes glaze over with the pure bliss of it all. Hair blowing in the wind, wine glass in hand, I couldn’t remember the last time I’ve felt so free. I’ve always had a love for the beach and all things ocean, but thank you Sail Lanka for making me discover a newfound love for the open seas. I am obsessed!